The free sushi

The free sushi set

Did you know that on our portal you can always get free deluxe set?

The Deluxe set is the flagship product of Sushi Plus, and consists of 6 pieces of sashimi, 8 pieces of uramaki, 6 pieces of hosomaki, 5 pieces of nigiri and 1 cone temaki!

Every time you can change 40 points with 1 free deluxe menu.

There are no limits of redeemable sets, so you can collect free sets as many times as you want.

How it works

For every 10 € of order you will earn 1 point.

Furthermore, for every € 10 spent from your invited friend you will be awarded one point! There are no limits, so the more friends you invite, and more opportunities to earn points!

The uniqueness of our program is that if you've never ordered anything on our website, by simply inviting friends and fans of sushi on our website you can start earning.

If you have registered without any invitation, you will be able to enjoy your time a friend of your choice, thus avoiding waste of points! Just fill in your personal area in the beneficiary field with the email your friend.

because it's great to earn together!

Share on facebook

When you share on Facebook with your sushi plus account logged a friend signs up through your link, your account will be AUTOMATICALLY headed as his beneficiary.

Each friend that you invite shares the same number of points earned his with you!

What are you waiting for? Instantly share it with your Facebook friends!

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