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we impose directly the best price with our partners, in fact, our mission is to save your money, while maintaining the high quality and quantity at the same time.

The others are merely the words we show the facts.

Nowadays the internet is a great tool to make the comparison of prices, In fact, we invite you to COMPARE AND EVALUATE among the various possibilities that you have, using search engines to find our competitors and assess who is the best without being influenced.

We are not afraid to fight for you.

If you find someone who offers our same quantity and quality at a most competitive price please do not hesitate to let us know by sending us the link to

In addition to the competitive price we offer many benefits to our customers.

For every 10 € of order made you will be rewarded of 2 points one for yourself and one for a friend of your choice! Your friends have also the right to reward you for every 10 € of their order by 1 point! There are no limits in people who may reward you, this means that if you have many friends you will always have a high points balance!

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You pay only when you have sushi in hand and never before.

First check if it's alright and then you pay!

Therefore will not never incur in unpleasant situations with your orders, because the system of Sushi Plus works with the good sense of the customers by allowing you to say the last.

We do not ask you to trust us first by paying us online in advance but we trust you allowing you to pay when the delivery arrive

Eating raw fish is safe?

Many restaurants will tell you that their seafood is safe, fresh and never been frozen.

You have to know that for the treatment of raw fish that is the European Regulation EC 853/2004 content of paragraph 3 of Annex III , Section VIII, Chapter 3, point D , which provides that they may be supplied to the final consumer raw fish must be treated at temperatures of -20 ° C, the product can be purchased from a supplier already treated or can be treated in the restaurant after purchase. So if a restaurant tells you that you are serving fish has never been frozen, stay away because it is an act ILLEGAL, as well as dangerous to your health because of the fish parasite that can provoke serious health problems. The treated fish is healthy and safe, in fact it retains its properties. Eating raw fish treated professionally is good for your health, in fact fatty acids EPA and DHA which are part of the omega-3 group are significantly only in fish. In a balanced and healthy diet is recommended to balance the ratio of omega -3 and omega -6, which is difficult nowadays because of metropolitan hurried lifestyle that forces us to eat fast food, but sushi combined with Italian eating habits that you have at home is a great product for your health, that can be eaten often giving a good contribution to their health and to the palate. The fish cooked at high temperatures unsaturate "good" fatty acids in the fish by raising the amount of saturated fat that we eat already with the fat of meat and other animal derivatives . Our partners are all aware of the beneficial properties and the method of treatment of the fish.

Eating quality

A good sushi-man should be able to recognize and make good cuts of fish suitable for various types of sushi that exist.

The rice should be cooked, seasoned, chilled and be ready for the production of sushi rice held them for too long could lose its texture and seasoning result of an altered taste.

The fish you have to break down to ensure safety, but this is not an excuse to keep fish in the freezer filling up like a warehouse.

A fish kept in the freezer for too long could suffer a deterioration in the organoleptic qualities of the original product, in fact, the sushi fish has to be frozen, and after making safety the fish use it for the production of quality sushi without holding stocks but making daily supplies of fish already treated or treat daily fish again.

Before partner can collaborate with us we make sure that our partner is aware of all these issues, preferring instead to have a few good partners instead of many but not professionals. We visit personally their kitchens and follow a cycle of work before leaving parts of the orders of our site to them.

There isn’t a minimum amount for the order!

On our site you can order sushi from any amount , we just ask a small cost of delivery under a certain amount.

Deliveries are always free above a certain threshold !

The minimum threshold for free delivery depends on the distance between the delivery address with our nearest shop.

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